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Authentic Local Flavours,

Right at Home!

Boost your kitchen's profitability with an easy virtual restaurant integration.


GCB, short for Global Cloud Business, is a visionary concept that fuses the virtual world with culinary delight. We're pioneering a revolutionary platform that unites commercial and home-based kitchens which we call this 'the cloud business'. With our innovative approach, we create exciting new virtual restaurant brands and menus, empowering local eateries to expand their horizons and boost profitability, all while giving food enthusiasts the joy of diverse flavors delivered right to their doorsteps. Join us in redefining the food delivery experience, as we bring the comforting taste of local, home-cooked meals to a global audience.

Easy Peasy Kitchen Friendly

Already cooking, right? We got an easy-peasy way for you to earn more from your existing kitchen, with minimal disruption to existing workflows.

Easy Set Up

Join GCB with ease: minimal equipment, simple setup, training provided. Turn your kitchen into a thriving culinary venture, regardless of its size.

We Got Tech Covered

We simplify the setup and enlist you on multiple delivery platforms. Ignite your culinary business, hassle-free with GCB.


Unlock your kitchen's earning potential - extra income made as easy as pie with GCB.

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Creators #ForYou

Influencers and creators, here's your chance to cook up a storm 🍲💥! Join GCB and turn your passion into profits 💰 with Global Cloud Business. 🌐👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Home-based Welcome

As long as you have functional kitchen

Home-based cooks, this one's for you! 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 Boost your earnings from your very own kitchen. Start your profitable culinary journey with GCB. 🍲💰🌐


Direct to consumer, straight to sales

Implementing a food delivery service for your business offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it expands your customer reach and enhances online visibility.

Talking Point

March 31, 2021

Little Tiger Adventure

I try Tree Side Royal Flush. It consists of Har Cheong Gai Chicken Mid Wing, Crispy Chicken Cutlet, Fried Dory Fish, Fragrant Coconut Steamed Rice, Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Fried Boiled Egg, Hae Bee Hiam and Tree Side’s Special Sambal Chilli. 

I am quite surprised with Tree Side Royal Flush toppings. This is the first nasi lemak I have ever tried that consists of a lot of different toppings inside one dish. Superb 👍👍.

JANUARY 5, 2023

Singapore Finest

10 Best Nasi Lemak In Singapore

17 June, 2022

QSR Media Asia

‘Best of both worlds’: This Singaporean F&B group is meeting post-COVID expectations by franchising their virtual brands

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Unlock Your Kitchen's Full Potential

We equip you with training and resources to monetise your culinary passion right from your home. Join our diverse delivery platforms and reach customers effortlessly. Don't wait - sign up today and cook your way to success with us!

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