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Creators, This is


Our innovative platform empowers you to create incredible content that captivates and engages your audience like never before.

Join us today and let's revolutionise the way you bring your stories to life!

Image by Laura Chouette
Image by Laura Chouette

Elevate Fan Connections with GCB

Ignite a new level of fan engagement as you team up with GCB Cloud Kitchen. Through our joint expertise, let's craft a fresh and exciting approach that captivates your audience. From delectable dishes to captivating storytelling, let's revolutionize the way you connect with your loyal fans!

Craft Delicious Stories with us

Merge your content and our dishes. Take fans on a flavorful journey. Weave food seamlessly into your storytelling. Elevate your brand with culinary fusion and irresistible experiences.

Image by KE ATLAS


Partner with us to co-create a menu that strengthens your bond with fans. Together, we'll find a cuisine that speaks to their taste buds and keeps them coming back for more. Shape your menu and enhance the connection with your dedicated followers.

Create Unique Menu

Let's work closely together to create a culinary experience that truly reflects your unique style.

Market The Brand

Let the food in your content be the delicious bridge that brings you closer to your fans.


We prioritize your prosperity, ensuring that the more your fans engage, the more you thrive financially.

Pink Coconut RGB SQ.jpg

Pink Coconut

Our very first virtual brand was born from a creative collaboration with the ever-popular Xiaxue, the beloved Singaporean blogger known for her candid style. Xiaxue, as many of you know, shares her life, fashion, and local insights.

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